After three years of patiently waiting, and a period that changed almost everything - we get to tell you that…

The Undisputed King returns to illuminate the darkness and celebrate with us on the most powerful Independence event that has ever been here!

The King Is Back

This is the decade of Mladen Solomon. No matter how you turn it around, when we look back on the last ten years, his life-size great figure in every sense, his mesmerizing music and the meaningful parties he stars in - will be there with us, every party and its unforgettable moment. His deep and warm connection with the Israeli audience, the one that brings him back to us time and time again even when the world bon-ton in his scene tries to dictate otherwise, is a source of immense pride and excitement.

That was definitely the decade of Mladen Solomun. No matter how you turn it, when you look back at the past decade, you will always recall his larger-than-life presence and charisma, his hypnotic sets and the timeless parties he led, each one held its own unforgettable moments.

Solomun redefined the music we dance to nowadays. He manages to connect all kinds of emotions, depths, textures, layers of sounds, melodies and rhythms.

Solomun’s magic has turned stadiums and festivals into intimate dance floors, as if he’s playing privately for each one of the attendants. His diversity and versatility are true wonders, being able to be uplifting and mysterious, down to earth and up in space, melancholic and euphoric all at once. And all along the way, he stays in perfect sync with the audience dancing in front of him, leading them like a skillful guide in an everlasting journey he keeps creating time after time.

We can write countless words and tell a thousand stories about the tunes and releases, the remixes, collabs, the Diynamic sound, the Ibiza residency, millions of plays over Youtube, Spotify & Soundcloud, the ecstatic cult of fans, the global hysteria, the warm and honorable welcome he receives worldwide, a one that is is kept for rockstars rather than DJs - but even all of these, combined or separately, will not be able to completely tell the story of Solomun.

In one sentence, he is a DJ that bends the boundaries of space and time, creating a private realm, separating the listener from the outside world, when the only truth of that moment is the music he plays and the ancient tribal and almost involuntary movement that it triggers in us.

On the eve of Independence night, King Solomon returns to Hayarkon Park - Ganei Yeoshua, for the biggest celebrations and the biggest and most powerful event of recent years!

We have not done this before.
Tickets available now:
Music TLV ❤️

The Park
Solomun’s 2022 production wil be held at Ganey-Yeoshua (Yarkon Park).
We recommend to park your car at Ganey-Yeoshua parking lots & nearby certified parking lots.

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